¡EXCLUSIVE! interview with Denyse Tontz about her new music video “GO”.

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Denyse Tontz launched on July 4th her new video “GO” exclusively by JustJared.com <— (Click to see the note) and left everybody with a good taste, on the video we can see Denyse wearing a black wig and involving us with the excellent rhythm of the song written by herself and produced by Suren Wijeyaratne and Eric Monsanty.

I interviewed Denyse about the production of the song and the video, so here is the interview, enjoy it 😉

GODenyseT1- Eardonez: Denyse, this new musical production, is the fourth one with a music video, and I know you always like to get involved with all the creative process about the song and the video, tell me, did you write the story for the video this time?

Denyse: Yeeees, this time more than ever I took the director position. It was really interesting and, well, I almost didn’t sleep, but I´m really happy with the final product. I hope people like the video and the song as I do :)


2- Eardonez: Tell me, what is this new song “GO” about?

Denyse:GO” it´s about my experiences here in Los Ángeles. Many times this industry can change people drastically and since the time I moved to “Hollywood” I´ve met a lot of “sharps” that would do anything to become famous. This song describes “Los Angeles” stereotypes and I´ll do not to fall under this patron.


3- Eardonez: Did you write the song? What was your inspiration to do it?

Denyse: Yes, I wrote the song with my producer, Suren, and our partner Eric with who I also wrote “Use it”. I wanted to write since long time ago a song about all the superficial about Los Angeles, an after listening the beginning of the (track) I knew that this (track) would be perfect for the concept.


4- Eardonez: How do you feel to see that “Mr. Hipster” is having so much success in Latin America?

Denyse: I´m very excited! I never thought I was going to be on the radio and TV programs such as “TELEHIT” in Latin America. I´m very thankful and almost all the success of “Mr. Hipster” I owe it to Latin America. It´s an honor to be accepted by so lovely fans, their support means everything.


5- Eardonez: Do you think this new song “GO” can dethrone the success of “Mr. Hipster”?

Denyse: That´s my challenge! I really think (and hope) that people will like “GO” more than my previous videos… we are just improving every time.


6- Eardonez: I know you are on the studio with Suren, preparing an EP, do you have any idea of how many songs it will come with and what rhythms or concepts we will hear?

Denyse: We are thinking on five. And this song is one of them so this one will give you a clue of what is coming with it.


7- Eardonez: Any curious fact that happened recording the video for this new production “GO“?

Denyse: I was wearing a black wig all the time, while we were dancing my wig kept falling down out of my head so we had to adjust the choreography to make it stop.


8- Eardonez: Tell me. How is your acting career going? I´ve seen you´ve uploaded a couple of pictures on pilots, are we seeing you again on TV soon?

Denyse: We are still waiting to hear if my pilot will become a show. Hopefully yes! But anyway I´ll keep acting and singing, what happens will happen.


9- Eardonez: The TV show “Dog with a blog” is nominated as “Best TV international show” at the Kids´ Choice Awards from Nickelodeon in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, how do see the success it is having in Latin America, what can you also tell us about the cast?

Denyse: Cool! That´s really exciting! I always knew that “Dog with a blog” was a good show, the cast is one of my favorites, and all of them are very kind and funny, especially G and Blake. I´m still friend of them, I even see Beth and Regan on auditions or the store! Hollywood is a small city.


10- Eardonez: I know you´ve had the chance to be at the US Kids´ Choice Awards but if you had the opportunity to be at one of the KCA from Latin America, would you like to be slimed? Lol

Denyse: Of course yes, why not?


11- Eardonez: Denyse, since you have Salvadorian roots and so you´ve come a lot of times to our country, when you come, what are the places you like to visit the most?

Denyse: Always when I come it´s to “Santa Tecla” because that´s where my family live… My favorite place when I go to visit them is “Zunzal beach” and I also like “Club tecleño”!


12- Eardonez: How is Denyse Tontz doing in love, have you found your “Mr. Hipster” already or at least your “Better than nothing”? lol

Denyse: HAHAHAHA I loved that! I think so, perhaps I´ve found my Mr. Hipster 😀 PERHAPS—but it is a secret.

I really enjoyed interviewing Denyse Tontz about her new single “GO”. This video is spectacular. I want to say thanks to Denyse and all the LA team for all your support and for mentioning us at the end of the video: D Ah and this coming Monday July 6th you can watch “GO” on the Latin music video channel “TELEHIT”.


Congrats Denyse!!!


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