IM5 talks about his famous ex girlfriends, new music, 5H & his song w/ Meghan Trainor

I made this interview to my boys of IM5 about their career, ex members, new music, the song with Meghan Trainor and about Gabe´s relationship with Becky G  in past + rumours about Cole and Camila from Fifth Harmony &  Dana talks about what he loves most in life!

I wish you enjoy it 😉


  1. EARDONEZ: You guys started with IM5 back on 2012, when you were selected by your founders Perez Hilton, Simon Fuller and Jamie King. Through the time, you guys have many memories, members going in and out and now you are JUST 3 into IM5, Do you guys think that the output of your ex members  make things a little more dificult for you?

 IM5: The loss of our band mates definitely brought a new challenge, but we chose to move forward and work harder than ever.  With only 3 of us, we had to step up our game and create something new.  We are excited about the new music and still have some surprises to reveal.  This summer will be exciting for our 5ers as we continue to recreate and redefine IM5!


  1. EARDONEZ: Last year, you guys went to México to make promo tour with Telehit shows, Tiin, El Hormiguero, Exafm and to be part and performance at The Nickelodeon Kids´ Choice Awards México 2014, where you guys and Austin Mahone, Danna Paola, Paty Cantú and so many others artists performed, Do have plans for comeback to Latin America soon??

IM5: We would love to come back to Latin America!  Mexico was one of our favorite trips and the fans were amazing!  We are doing our best to find opportunities to travel everywhere we can!


  1. EARDONEZ: Guys, I knew that Justin Timberlake´s Manager put his eyes in IM5, can you tell us about it?

 IM5: Johnny Wright and Kenneth Crear invited us to perform at their PopNation show last Dec. in Orlando.  They are definitely helping us with music, introducing us to amazing producers, and offering advice from their many years of experience in the Pop music industry.  Visiting the WEG compound was incredible, it’s full of memorabilia from NSync, Justin, Backstreet, Brittany, etc.  We hope to join their PopNation tour this summer as well!


  1. EARDONEZ: Guys, I´m in love with your characters into the #BandCamp´s serie that you made with Todrick Hall, a great friend of you guys, what do you think about Todrick´s Mtv serie? We can expect to watch some of you in an episode?

IM5: We are extremely happy for Todrick, he has such a creative mind and works so hard!  We are very grateful to him for the opportunities he provided such as #Bandcamp.  It was a lot of work and a lot of late nights but also a lot of fun.  His team is very supportive of all of us and touring with them last summer was a highlight.  Due to our schedule, the 3 of us were not able to appear in any of the MTV episodes unfortunately.  We will be tuning in to watch him and his troupe!


  1. EARDONEZ: Guys, every day you are being more recognized in Latin América, you have more #5ers every day, every second and you have “That thing that I, and all love”, have you thought about making a spanish song or maybe a spanglish song?

 IM5: Yes!  We have already worked on a few.  Stay tuned!


  1. EARDONEZ: Gabe, it is known that you and Becky G are Friends from childhood, but i have listened so many rumours about you and Becky were not just Friends, were you dating?? Tell me the truth, I won’t say this to anyone LOL

ny2015-s1 GABE: I wouldn’t call it dating, we were too young to date!  Becky G and I have been good friends for many years, that’s really all there was to it.  Sorry to disappoint!


  1. EARDONEZ: Cole, last weeks, we all went go crazy when we watched a very strong rumour via twitter that YOU and CAMILA CABELLO from Fifth Harmony (5H) would be a great couple, and YOU COLE retwitted on this fan tweet, would you like CAMILA to make it your girlfriend in the future?

10313348_598795543587221_4244859519252906064_n COLE: Twitter is a great place to stir up rumors and have some fun, but definitely don’t take any of it seriously! Camila is a beautiful girl but I don’t really have time to date!  I’m in the recording studio every day and getting ready for our tour.


  1. EARDONEZ: Dana, i really know that you love to sing, you love to dance, but which of this two have a Little bit more space into your heart and why?

10405334_577021562407224_1036168825922818787_n DANA: I started out as a dancer so that was much more comfortable for me in the beginning.  Over the years I’ve worked extremely hard at improving my vocals and gaining confidence along the way.  Now I’d have to say writing and singing are more rewarding than dancing but I still love both.


  1. EARDONEZ: Guys, your ex member of im5 Will Jay, launched his new single as a solo artist, what do you think about Anti-Social Media?

     IM5: Will is a very talented singer/songwriter, and we are incredibly proud of what he’s doing as a soloist.  Anti       Social Media is super catchy and the video is really clever.  He’s got a bright future!


  1. EARDONEZ: What surprises we can expect from IM5 about music in 2015?

 IM5: Our new music is just better!  We’ve really found our sound and are working with amazing producers who are bringing out the best in us.


  1. EARDONEZ: This is THE QUESTION that i can´t forget to ask you guys, your first single in 2014, was “Touchdown Dance”, and is with this song that you started being more reconigzed in Latin America, this song was written by the amazing “Meghan Trainor from All ABout That Bass”, but you did not know this, you really knew this a couple months ago, what was your reaction about this amazing discovery?

 IM5: We did know that she (Meghan Trainor) wrote the top line when we recorded the song, but that was before she came out with “All About That Bass“.  She actually tweeted about the video when it first came out along with the producer Flict.  We are so lucky to have a song she’s attached to!


  1. EARDONEZ: You guys and Fifth Harmony are very close, not just because you share producer, like is in the case of “Dj Flict Aparri & Meghan Trainor” that has worked with 5H and u IM5. So, can we expect a colaboration with this amazing girls?

 IM5: We would love to collaborate with Fifth Harmony. First we have to establish our own music, then we can pursue music with others.  Their new music is amazing and we are so proud of Flict and his work on it!


  1. EARDONEZ: If you had the opportunity to ask something to your favorite artists (ALIVE OR DEAD), Which artist would it be, and what would be that question?

IM5: It would probably be Michael Jackson and the question would simply be “Where did your inspiration come from to create so many hits that have crossed so many generations for so many years?”


  1. EARDONEZ: I watched on youtube your performance on Las Vegas DigiTour of “HUSTLE” your new song, that is TOTALY AWESOME, this song, produced by Dj Flict; and the choreography are POWERFUL. What can you tell us about the song? and I really need to know when we can watch the official video from Hustle?

 IM5: Thank you and we’d like to give a shout out to Johnny Erasme who did the choreography.  Basically the song is the guy’s perspective on being “hustled” by a girl.  Most songs are about the girl’s side.   No date for the official video release.  We are establishing the music for the EP first and then deciding on music videos and release dates.


Thankiu my boys (IM5) for this fun & amazing interview, #5ers i hope you enjoyed this!

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